Namda Toys

These cute and colourful wool felted animals are perfect as toys, decor, or even for cats! Made from 100% natural and non-toxic materials, you can be assured of the safety of these toys for the little ones that you care about.


Felt making (or Namda as it is locally called) is a craft only practiced in the North-Western states of India. Due to the lack of marketing and promotion for this ancient craft, it is slowly in decline in the few places where it is still practiced. By supporting this fun and innovative collection, not only are you getting a safe and unique product, but you are also helping to maintain an age old tradition which empowers those involved.


Said to have developed in the 11th century as a material to keep the emperors horse warm, the cozy appeal of felt is undeniable. The entire process is done by hand, and thanks to the inherent binding quality of wool, it is actually quite simple.  This collection is made in a small district in the state of Rajasthan, “the land of kings”, by an Indian-Persian-Muslim community. During the British rule, this small ethnically diverse community set a perfect precedence of cross-religious unity.


Sustain this old tradition and have fun while considering your health. These adorable miniatures make the perfect gift!