Our Story

Things are better together

We have long carried the vision of sharing land and living together with family and friends for meaningful and sustainable participation in society. We are working to actualize this through establishing wholistic education and a way of living that ensures harmony within, with each-other, and with the planet. We found that many talented people want to engage in this social endeavour, thus Harmonious Tradition emerged as an opportunity to employ and accommodate those people who share our vision so that we can work and live together while engaging in activities for social change and the wellbeing of all. 

With personal roots in India and an appreciation for the ancient culture, we decided to partner with its rural artisans. Many traditional skills and livelihoods are rapidly being replaced by factories and machines. By directly supporting artisans practicing time-tested techniques, together we are helping to preserve human ingenuity and the cultural heritage of the country.

All profits help us to continue to bring friends together, establish holistic education curriculum, develop green practices, publish books, along with many more meaningful programs for bringing about positive solutions in the society. We believe that it is only through meaningful education and sustainable systems that the numerous challenges and risks facing humanity can be effectively addressed.

To learn more about our education initiatives, check out our non-profit organization: ‘Centre for Harmonious Coexistence’

Harmonious Tradition - Beautify Life

Harmonious Tradition is a platform to bring people together to celebrate high-quality, authentic craftsmanship that is both people and planet friendly.In partnership with artisans from villages across India, we produce, market and sell handmade products to provide you with the best treasures this rich and ancient culture has to offer. In this process, everyone involved is enriched and traditional skills are shared and sustained.Our business model is founded upon relationships first. Together we can establish a harmonious tradition to pass down to the next generation.

Our Values

We value time honoured arts and work towards preserving ancient craft techniques.
Our products are made from natural and recycled materials that are healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable.
Our practices follow fair trade principals and consider the big picture.